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Are You Prepared?

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Dr. Donna L. Hamilton, MD




Woohoo! September is National Preparedness Month, and September 30 is America’s Prepareathon.  What better time to pause for wellness™  and  chat about emergency preparedness?

Alright. I know, it isn’t necessarily the most exciting or uplifting topic. It is, however an extremely important topic. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports that on average 124.5 million people worldwide become victims of natural disasters annually. Sadly, an average of 107,000 people die each year from natural disasters.

Safety is an important of part of health, and being prepared for emergencies is an important of staying safe.  That’s why it’s important to include emergency preparedness in your personal wellness plan.
Personal wellness means functioning at your best in all areas, not simply just eating well and exercising. Food and fitness play important roles in your health, but that’s just one piece of the optimal health equation.  After all, flat abs and a firm butt can’t protect you from floods, fires, hurricanes or tornadoes! Injury prevention deserves as much attention as illness prevention.

Visit the Center for Disease Control’s National Preparedness Month website to get valuable information to help ensure your family, workplace, child’s school, and community appropriately prepare for emergencies. You can also get information about preparing an emergency kit from this disaster preparedness article.


Be safe. Be well!


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