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Thanksgiving Self-Care Tips for Your Personal Wellness Toolkit

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By Donna L. Hamilton, MD, MS


Thanksgiving Cartoon-Wellness Humor

Making healthy choices during the holiday can be challenging, but it is possible. It’s even possible on Thanksgiving, when food, travel, and potentially stressful family gatherings are often the focus instead of your wellness regimen.  Having a realistic wellness plan can keep you moving towards optimal health, even during busy times.

Check out these easy and practical wellness tips, then put a few in your personal wellness toolkit. It can help you navigate the holiday season in a healthy way that makes sense for you.

Be well,

Dr.  Donna


Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

1)     Use a saucer or smaller plate instead of a regular dinner plate.

2)     Give yourself permission to get seconds if you are hungry.  You’re more likely to take smaller portions the first time if you know it’s okay to go back for more later.

3)     Drink a lot of water.  It helps you stay hydrated, aids digestion, and helps you feel full without overeating.

4)     Make a colorful plate that has food representing all the colors of the rainbow.  This prompts you to eat more fruits and vegetables and also provides a variety of nutrients.

5)     Forgive yourself if you make unhealthy eating choices.  Say good-bye to guilt and decide to make better choices the next time you eat.


Holiday Stress Management Tips

1)     Connect with the spirit of gratitude that marks the season.  Research shows that expressing gratitude can help improve mood, increase energy levels, relieve stress, and increase motivation.

2)     Remember to take a few deep, relaxing breaths throughout the day no matter how you are feeling. Positive emotions like excitement and enthusiasm can create stress in the body, just like typical stress emotions such as anger and frustration can. That’s why it’s important to periodically do something that promotes relaxation during active times.

3)    Make sure you get enough sleep.  It’s a necessity not a luxury.

4)     Take a walk after you eat. It helps relax and is good exercise.

5)     Dance and laugh often.  They both burn calories and help lift your mood.


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