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Chief Information Officer & Operations Officer

Peter-Wallace-photo-optPeter B. Wallace has significant experience in designing and developing multi-million dollar supercomputers for billion dollar companies and government agencies. He received a Bachelor in Computer Science degree from Stanford University. He has also completed many graduate level computer science and management courses at Texas A&M University and the University of Minnesota.

Peter has served as a technical and business advisor for various startup companies and early ventures exploring new technologies and strategies for growth. Peter believes that one of the key roles of technology is to simplify and improve our quality of life.  He has combined his business expertise with this passion for improving quality of life to create Manifest Excellence, LLC.

Prior to starting Manifest Excellence LLC, Peter served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for One Call Medical, Inc. (OCM). He joined OCM when it was a struggling startup. He was instrumental in turning it into a company worthy of acquisition by Brown Brothers Harriman & Company in 1999 and TA Associates in 2003.

His work at OCM exposed him to the complex workings of insurance companies.  This led to an understanding of the importance of maintaining personal wellness.  This philosophy is reflected in the company’s mission to create  optimal health for all.