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These days people are feeling busier and more stressed than ever. They want to improve their health and wellness, but can’t figure out when or how to make changes. Taking time for stress management, relaxation, or fun seems like a luxury.

Improving health and wellness doesn’t have to be a big, time consuming task. It can be as quick and easy as taking some deep breaths. Making simple, gradual changes to your health and wellness regimen is easy and effective. It can also lead to positive, long lasting wellness habits.

When it comes to change, an inch is a cinch, a yard is hard! Creating optimal health can be as simple as taking a Pause for Wellness™. Having practical wellness tools is important for creating optimal health, so here are a few Wellness Pause™ tips to give you ideas for building your wellness toolkit.

Mental Wellness
  • Do a crossword puzzle or Sudoku instead of checking your messages the next time you have free time.
  • Post inspirational quotes and affirmations around your house, car, and office.
  • Learn at least one new thing every day.
  • Do a “brain purge” before going to bed: write down all the things on your mental to-do list. After you write it down, forget about it until the morning.
Physical Wellness
  • Take the steps instead of the elevator. Beginners can walk one flight and take the elevator for the rest.
  • Eating tips: Turn off the TV when you eat. Sit down while eating. Enjoy the taste of your food. Wait five minutes before getting seconds.
  • Stop and take at least one slow, deep breath every hour.
  • Take a minute in your day to stretch your neck, your arms, or your back, especially if you do a lot of work on the computer.
Emotional Wellness
  • Take a one day fast from listening to or reading the news. If something really important happens, you’ll hear about it.
  • Read, watch, or listen to something that makes you laugh every day.
  • For a sense of satisfaction write down everything you accomplished during the day. Don’t worry about what didn’t get done, just focus on what you did. Then tell yourself, “You did a good job today.”
  • Do something fun at least once a week.
Social Wellness
  • Volunteer to help a local charity, elderly neighbor, or someone you know needs assistance.
  • Call a friend just to say hi.
  • Start a hobby.
  • Find creative ways to socialize while getting fit. For example, go dancing, take a Zumba® class, or take a walk with one of your friends.
Spiritual Wellness
  • Create a personal mission statement. What’s important to you? What do you want to accomplish?
  • Listen to inspirational music while you’re getting dressed in the morning.
  • Take a couple of minutes to sit quietly at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Take a moment to say grace or express gratitude for your food before you eat.

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