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Manifest Excellence: To make evident the quality or state of being outstanding or superior.

Manifesting Excellence in health means functioning at your best in all areas of your life. In other words, it’s optimal health. Optimal health and wholeness are also the core principles behind true health and wellness programs. More things impact health and wellness than diet and exercise.  In fact, there are five key areas that affect health. Learning how to balance these areas is essential for achieving total health and wellness.

Manifest Excellence, LLC specializes in providing wellness tools and strategies that promote optimal health by addressing the five key health and wellness areas. Many people know what to do in order to feel better, but still don’t take steps toward improving their health.

Whether it’s weight reduction, stress management, or creating a balanced life, they want to feel better, but can’t seem to make it to the next level.  Some people feel too busy, tired, or stressed to do something new.  Others just don’t know how to get started.

Whatever the reason, Manifest Excellence, LLC assists people in moving forward.  We teach simple wellness strategies that assist you in creating your own customized and realistic personal wellness program. It is possible to have a balanced life, improved energy, and better stress management by taking gradual steps toward optimal health. Manifest Excellence, LLC can help.

Across Generations We View Wellness Differently

Those who need roadmaps and direction for achieving health and wellness goals




Gen Xers


Baby Boomers

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About Us

Manifest Excellence, LLC supports people in improving personal wellness by addressing the five key areas that impact health. They combine over 20 years experience in traditional health promotion with a holistic and comprehensive wellness philosophy. This innovative combination creates effective tools and strategies for creating optimal health and wellness.

Their informative and encouraging presentations assist participants in taking effective steps toward total wellness. Manifest Excellence, LLC also recognizes that social relationships significantly impact personal health and wellbeing. Their comprehensive presentations Include strategies for improving family wellness, workplace wellness, and community wellness as part of creating a total personal wellness program.

Pause for Wellness™

“Being healthy is more than not being sick. It’s functioning at your best physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.”

Donna L. Hamilton, MD

Wellness YOUR WAY

Made multiple attempts to achieve the same health goal?

Fallen short of your objectives more times than you care to remember?

Temporarily achieved your health goal but haven’t maintained the new, healthier lifestyle?

Yearned for a more fulfilling, satisfying life?

Looked for something more than impersonal, cookie cutter advice about becoming healthier?

Decided you’re ready to take action to become healthier?


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As the keynote speaker your presentation was motivational, educational. One thing that differentiated your workshop was that you personified the whole person, not an illness, not medication, not treatment: but holistic lifestyle management techniques that enable attendees to be accountable for their healthy lives.

Thomas Braxton Jones

Healthcare Chair, Monroe County Chapter, (NAACP)

Dr. Donna Hamilton’s knowledge of and passion for health and wellness shine through in her delivery. She provided essential information to our members that was both evidence-based and easy to understand. Dr. Donna is a joy to work with and treasure to the wellness community.

Trina Laube

Education and Outreach Director, National Wellness Institute

Wellness News

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  Holiday self-care involves paying attention to more than just how much you eat or exercise.  It also requires paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, expectations, and interactions. Remember: optimal health means functioning at your best in all areas of your...

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Health Benefits of Kindness and Compassion

Some things never go out of style! I've been seeing and hearing so many people dealing with chronic stress and anxiety lately.  It seems like a good time to repost this article about the health benefits of kindness and compassion. Enjoy! Be well, Dr. Donna   Here’s a...

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Why Self-Care is Good for Your Health

  Does this sound familiar:  you make time to take care of everyone else but you “don’t have time” to do something nice for yourself?  Occasionally you might manage to eat a balanced meal or workout. Guess what: self-care is as important to your health as nutrition...

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Wellness YOUR WAY

The Short and Sweet Guide to Creating Your Custom Plan for a Happier, Healthier Life.


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