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CEO & Chief Wellness Officer

Donna L. Hamilton, MD, MS, FAAP, a former board certified pediatrician, uses her health promotion expertise to teach wellness to people of all ages. As a pediatrician she quickly learned the key to achieving optimal health in children: optimize the health of the adults in their life. Years later this simple but often overlooked fact prompted Dr. Hamilton to create the health and wellness services of Manifest Excellence, LLC.  More>>>>

Chief Information Officer & Operations Officer

Peter B. Wallace has significant experience in designing and developing multi-million dollar supercomputers for billion dollar companies and government agencies. He received a Bachelor in Computer Science degree from Stanford University. He has also completed many graduate level computer science and management courses at Texas A&M University and the University of Minnesota.   More>>>



Manifest Excellence, LLC supports people in improving personal wellness by addressing the five key areas that impact health. They combine over 20 years experience in traditional health promotion with a holistic and comprehensive wellness philosophy. This innovative combination creates effective tools and strategies for creating optimal health and wellness.

Their informative and encouraging presentations assist participants in taking effective steps toward total wellness. Manifest Excellence, LLC also recognizes that social relationships significantly impact personal health and wellbeing. Their comprehensive presentations Include strategies for improving family wellness, workplace wellness, and community wellness as part of creating a total personal wellness program.

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The intent of this website is to offer general information to assist with your quest for knowledge. The information is not intended to diagnose, advise, or prescribe. Because each person is unique, it is best to receive personalized health and wellness advise. Contact your healthcare provider before starting or changing any healthcare regimen and when you have health questions and concerns. © Manifest Excellence, LLC and Donna L. Hamilton