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Have you ever considered how technology affects your health and wellness? People usually think about using technology to make something easier, but often miss opportunities to use  it to improve personal wellness.

Used wisely, technology can be a powerful health and wellness tool.  For example, many corporate wellness programs use electronic health risk assessments to provide important information to employees about their wellness status. Many people also use wellness focused technology to workout with fitness focused video games, find websites with healthy recipes and nutrition tips, or research wellness focused hotels and spas on-line.

In addition to enhancing health and wellness, technology can also hinder it if you aren’t careful. For example, health issues like carpal tunnel, eye strain, or muscle tension can occur. Medical literature also still debates the long term effects of cell phones on health and wellness. Even constant exposure to people with poor e-mail or cell phone etiquette can affect personal wellness by increasing stress.

Achieving optimal health means making healthy decisions about everything in your environment, including technology.  Use it wisely and safely.  Here are a few wellness tips to give you some ideas about using technology to improve personal wellness.

  • Find healthy recipes and nutrition tips on-line.
  • Use ergonomically sound equipment in your office.
  • Set automatic health and wellness reminders on your phone or computer (ex. to exercise, make doctor appointment, etc.)
  • NEVER text while driving.
  • Stop talking on the phone while driving.
  • Distracted driving is like drunk driving.
  • When working on the computer, rest your eyes every 15 minutes by looking away from the computer screen.
  • Listen to upbeat music while you exercise.

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